Welcome to Creating Magic Muffins!

Who is behind this blog?

I am Obake, and I have been toying with the idea of a blog for a long time to chronicle my food and gaming adventures. I game a lot and cook a lot. If you play WoW, you might know me on the Feathermoon server as Parsi, a shadow priest in the guild Eazy Company.  I am a confessed altoholic, and also play on that server as Gellert (Warlock), Lostphoenix (Mage), Tinkiwinki (Death Knight), and Ruarí (Paladin).  If you want to hear what I talk about on a daily basis, you might like to follow me on Twitter, @ghostangel.

What can I expect to read on this blog?

I rant sometimes, and it might be about WoW, gaming, or something else. I post a lot of pictures, mostly of food and weird stuff. There will be lots of recipes, and my experiences with other people’s recipes as well! The type of gaming I write about will be mostly WoW and handheld gaming (Nintendo DS and iPhone), and as for food, pretty much anything goes! Rarely you might see a post about Second Life things as well.

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