[Restaurant Review] Buddy’s Pizza

Posted by Obake on Jul 16, 2011 in Restaurant Reviews |

This is a review for the Buddy’s Pizza on Van Dyke.

Ah pizza. The junk food I miss most outside of donuts. To my surprise, there are a few places you can get gluten free pizza around Metro Detroit. We really like our pizza you see! So I chose Buddy’s pizza because it was close to me, and because I’d heard several really good reviews about how good it was from other celiacs in the area.

It says right away on their sign they make a gluten free pizza, which took the guesswork out of it. I ordered a pizza that had ham, onions, garlic and pineapple. They cost about $10 for a base pizza and the toppings are the same price as a regular pizza to add. It is a 10″ pizza, so it isn’t really that big, meant probably for just one person, though me and my dining partner shared one.  But oh my is it ever delicious. They manage to make the sides of the dough crispy, and its soft and chewy on the inside. The toppings are all fresh and just a tiny bit crispy, and the tomato sauce is very flavourful. I’d say despite the size, it makes up for it in deliciousness, and is definitely worth it if you live in the Metro Detroit area!

Grade: A

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