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Posted by Obake on Jul 13, 2011 in Advice/Tips, Restaurant Reviews |

This review is for Sala Thai on 14 mile road between Dequindre and Ryan.

One thing I’m learning about this area is that if your server does not speak English as a first language, you will have problems explaining why you can’t have wheat. It’s not their fault, and I will probably be ordering multilingual celiac dining cards in the future to avoid this.

Thai food in general looks like it is safe at first glance. Rice noodles and the like give the illusion that it will be safe. It is not. And you won’t be able to explain it well enough to get through to a server that mostly speaks Thai. There is a reason though, and its not obvious. This time, it had little to do with the language barrier and everything to do with Thai “secret sauce”. Now, I did explain that I was allergic to wheat and could not have soy sauce. Fine, there are things that have the Thai sauce in them and that’s ok right. Nope. The first thing, is that if you ask them to tell you what is in it, they’ll tell you the name, but not what is in the sauce itself. Because its a “secret”. So, what is Thai Secret Sauce? It’s a sauce called Golden Mountain. It is NOT safe for celiacs to eat. But because it isn’t soy sauce, they won’t tell you this. I had to look it up.

This is where the problem comes in. I tasted it, tasted something like soy sauce, and put it down. Explained that I could not eat it because it contained wheat. What happened next was a bit shocking. They took it, and threw it away. Was I asked if I wanted a replacement? No. Did I pay for the dish that was discarded and which my dining partner could have eaten, that we asked to be put in a takeout box so he could eat it? YES. I would like to repeat that. I paid for a dish that was thrown away, not asked if I wanted a replacement, was ignored when I asked them to put it in a box instead of discarding it, and then I was charged for it.

If that hadn’t happened, if I had gotten the food in a box that my dining partner could have eaten, and not wasted his money, I would not be upset. Sala Thai is a relatively expensive place to eat, and said entree was $12. That is a hell of a lot of money to pay and not get any food. I am not afraid to say I burst into tears at this, both at the prospect of being sick (which I was, for the record), and the fact I’d wasted $12. Though I love that place, I won’t be going back. If they had not discarded food I paid for, I would give this restaurant a C. As it is, I wish I could give it an F.

Grade: D. Don’t bother unless you have allergen cards, and prepare to be disappointed.

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