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This is a new section of the blog that will be updated as I experience it. I found when I first went gluten free that it was difficult to navigate eating out. A lot of the businesses on the Gluten Free Registry  are chains, and the coverage was spotty. I am still having trouble with finding resources in Metro Detroit, so I’m making some! Mostly, this section will be used to relay my experiences with local restaurants that are NOT chains.

I am going to rate my experiences with a simple system:

S –Has an all gluten free menu, free of cross contamination.

A –Minimal effort required to order, food is great, has celiac friendly menu or a great majority of their food is gluten free.

B –Requires some explaining to order, food is good, doesn’t have celiac menu/doesn’t cater to celiacs.

C –Requires extreme explaining to order, food is mediocre or not on par with a gluten-containing option, very few/no celiac friendly items on the menu.

D –You will not be understood when you place your order, cross contamination occurred, and/or the chef/server was rude or unaccommodating. Going to a place with this grade will probably anger/frustrate you and probably make you sick. Proceed with extreme caution if you do go.

For those not in the know, Chipotle is a fast food joint that sells Mexican food to go, most of it grown and raised sustainably. This is one of the few fast food restaurants where the majority of the menu is safe to eat. They are ok with changing their gloves to avoid cross contamination, and while their corn says they might have some issue, I didn’t have an issue with their corn salsa, even though I am moderately sensitive to cross contamination. This review is for the Chipotle on 16 mile road (Big Beaver) and Crooks Rd.

I purchased a burrito bowl, which is basically their giant burrito…in a bowl instead of a tortilla. Its the same amount of food as the tortilla wrapped burrito, and they customized it the way I wanted with no fuss at all. I got what I would have gotten in a tortilla in the past, and I found I didn’t really miss it at all. I also got the lime salt tortilla chips with guacamole, which I was happy to see was safe to eat! All the food was fresh and delicious, in the same portions as everything else they have there, and I didn’t feel awkward while ordering.

Grade: A

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